In this episode we sit down with Hector M. Perez. Hector is owner/principal at De-Arc, he is also an associate professor for the Masters of Science in Real Estate Development program of Woodbury in San Diego, as well as a member of The RED Office. The discussion focused on his trajectory as a Mexican immigrant into the United States and how he navigated through life, the education system, professional career, all leading up to where he is at currently. He told us about his experience as a Mexican national track & field competitor, which I really enjoyed. I’m always impressed by how the lessons and experiences that can be experienced in sports and exercise can transfer to everyday normal activities.  We discussed his project, ‘La Esquina’ located in Barrio Logan; how he was able to fund the project, the type of tenants that live in the building, and how the project has been received by the community. 

Enjoy the episode!

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